Gina Knudsen is the co-founder of Paradigm Wellness Medical Group and is a leading expert in regenerative medicine. When Gina was younger, she decided to enter the medical field because of her health issues as a young adult. Through trials and tribulations of her own, Gina discovered that the cookie-cutter approach to medicine is not the best way to heal people. She became a nurse and Physician’s Assistant the traditional medicine realm, but her personal health experiences opened her mind to various holistic health practices that have proven results. Today, Gina Knudsen is a leader in Functional Medicine, marrying the benefits of nutrition, traditional medicine, and holistic health practices.

Functional Medicine is root-cause medicine and follows the philosophy of getting down to the root-cause of what’s wrong. Gina Knudsen has helped heal many patients by treating them through both traditional and functional medicine. For example, one young boy had issues with ADD and a violent temper. After an examination, Gina determined that the boy lacked a healthy amount of Omega 3s in his diet. Once Omega 3 supplements were added, and his nutrition was balanced, the young boy conquered his health and behavioral issues without the need for medicine.

Similarly, Gina treats Baby Boomers who need help balancing their hormones and aesthetic treatments for men and women of all ages. By looking at the root-cause of what is happening with each patient, Gina and Dr. Joe of Paradigm Wellness Medical Group can truly correct the bottom line issue, rather than placing a band-aid over the symptoms. The philosophy of personalized, regenerative medicine is the reason why so many of our patients can look their best, feel their best, and experience the higher energy levels they once felt in their youth.

Here is a 5-star review that highlights what patients feel about the work and personable demeanor of Gina Knudsen:

“I love love loved Gina’s work. I had Botox and filler done and am very happy with the results. Gina and Dr. Joe are very knowledgeable in the aesthetic field and I am definitely going back. Thank you Gina and Dr. Joe.” — Zvart D.

Together, Gina Knudsen and Dr. Joe Cleaver of Paradigm Wellness Medical Group, are passionate about helping their patients look and feel their absolute best. Nowhere else in Napa Valley, San Francisco, and Dallas will you find the same depth and breadth of regenerative medicine that Paradigm Wellness Medical Group provides. Contact us for a consultation and let us explore together how we can help you look and feel your best naturally.