bioidentical hormone treatmentBioidentical hormones are derived from mother nature; designed to look and act exactly like the hormones your body produces. Studies show that bioidentical hormones are healthier for your body than synthetic hormones. Conventional hormones are made in a lab and are a foreign substance which has risks.

Bioidenticals can show fantastic results and help you feel your best. How? Hormones play a major role in how our bodies function. When these hormones are out of balance, the quality of your life will eventually be affected. Through the use of Bioidenticals, we will help your body balance its hormones naturally. Paradigm Wellness Medical Group specializes in developing regenerative medicine programs unique to you and your way of life, including bio-identical hormone treatments.

Your hormones control your responses to responses to illness, stress, sexual health, growth, and even your metabolism. As you can imagine, when our hormones are imbalanced, our body is in a state of chaos, which can lead to accelerated aging. Conversely, when our body’s hormones are in sync, we will feel and look healthy. In fact, when the hormones in each of the body’s systems (endocrine, autocrine, and paracrine) are balanced, you can prevent signs of aging. Paradigm Wellness Medical Group uses bioidenticals to balance your hormones, and ultimately, your life.

When treating our patients, we take a holistic approach. We look at each aspect of your life: from your mind to your body, and to your lifestyle. Because of our personalized approach, we tailor the bioidentical hormone treatment to you, and you will see results over time. Bioidenticals can help to improve your sleep patterns, your body composition, generate more healthy muscle, reduce fat, and improve your fitness, your sexual health, and your overall appearance. Here is a 5-star review from a patient who had this to say about the Paradigm Wellness Medical Group experience:

“I have most of my life felt I have taken good care of myself. Truly, it has been a mind, body and soul approach. Never could I imagine that there were so many more available approaches to one’s well-being. Dr. Joe Cleaver enlightened me with his state of the art approach to healthy living and I’ve only begun to reap the benefits. I’m feeling so energetic, with a rejuvenation inside and out! It is confirming to see when the Dr.’s really are walking examples of their own practice!!! Thank you Dr. Joe Cleaver!!!!” — Kristina H.

If you want to reclaim your natural right to a healthy body, consider the regenerative medicine approach of Paradigm Wellness Medical Group in Dallas/Fort Worth. Contact us for a consultation and let us explore together how Bio-Identical hormones can help you look and feel your best naturally.