IV Therapy

IV Therapy is a nutritional approach to help you look and feel your best. For generations, we have heard the phrase, “You are what you eat.” This is so very true, and good nutrition is a key factor in the anti-aging process. Dr. Joe Cleaver is an American medical doHe’s a conventional Board Certified Internist who is an expert in regenerative medicine. He brings a different perspective that is quite refreshing. He looks at all the components of your lifestyle that paint the bigger picture of your health.

iv nutritionYou see, a European medical education is a very different education from America because you almost get a Ph.D. in Nutrition. Dr. Joe lived in Italy for almost nine years; was a cook there, acted, modeled, was in movies, and embraced the whole culture. When he returned to the U.S., the Italian culture remained part of him. Because of he has studied the Mediterranean diet and its impact in depth, he sees a direct correlation between how lifestyle and nutrition affect everything in your life. For example, you can exercise regularly, get plenty of rest, and take apply expensive skin care products on your skin, but you still don’t feel good. The truth is, if you’re eating nothing but processed foods, you are not allowing your body to get the nutrition it requires to reduce inflammation around your joints, minimize fine lines and wrinkles, and perform at optimal energy levels. This is where IV Therapy comes in. IV Therapy is a cutting-edge, regenerative medicine procedure that boost your body’s ability to heal itself.

IV Nutritional Therapy is a program utilized by Paradigm Wellness Medical Group that is designed to improve your body’s performance naturally. IV Nutritional Therapy assists with sports performance, keeping up with nutritional deficiencies, and assisting professional athletes so they can prevent injury and improve physical performance. Non-athletes benefit from IV Nutritional Therapy as well, by adding vitamins, antioxidants, and other nutritional supplements that help brain health, executive function, control low-grade inflammation, and balance the digestive tract.

We will test your nutritional levels and offer recommendations for nutraceuticals, vitamins, and minerals that help build collagen naturally over time. We also offer pre- and post-operative skincare nutrition. This is where Dr. will help your body prepare for any cosmetic facial or body contouring procedure via recommended vitamins, minerals, and nutritional supplements to take to assist with faster healing and better outcomes.

Here is a testimonial Paradigm Wellness Medical Group received from a sports trainer who benefitted greatly from this regenerative medicine procedure:

“I receive IV nutrition therapy from Paradigm Wellness Medical Group. Dr. Joe has years of nutritional experience treating athletes to maximize performance. I am an elite professional trainer and have to be at my best both physically and mentally all the time and incorporate IV nutrition into my healthy lifestyle. It improves energy and mind clarity.” — E.O.

If you want to reclaim your natural right to a healthy body, consider the regenerative medicine approach of Paradigm Wellness Medical Group in Dallas/Fort Worth. Contact us for a consultation and let us explore together how IV Therapy and nutritional supplements can help you look and feel your best naturally.