PDO Threads – Aesthetic Thread Lift

No Surgery, No Down Time!

pdo thread lifts
A Revolutionary Minimally Invasive Aesthetics Procedure

The AESTHETIC THREAD LIFT is an exciting development in the Medical Regenerative Aesthetics. This non surgical in-office procedure uses special PDO threads that when placed under the skin at the appropriate position and depth results in instant lifting and in addition creates a healthy regenerative response that produces collagen and elastin restoring a more youthful, healthier, tighter skin.

Thread placement typically takes less than an hour.

While there is Botox to improve forehead lines and wrinkles and fillers to replace lost volume in the midface, PDO threads make it possible to substantially lift the lower face region, where the loss of collagen is commonly apparent and dermal fillers can not be used all without surgery. PDO threads are also used to lift the neck eyebrows, and are excellent for body contouring and skin lifting and tightening of knees, arms, abdomen, decolletage, buttock.

Dr. Joe Cleaver Trains Doctors All Over The World On PDO Threads

pdo thread lifts


PDO threads are comprised of special a material Polydioxanone. Similar resorbable threads have been safely used in surgical procedures in gynecology, cardiovascular surgery, urology and ophthalmology for decades.

Aesthetic PDO threads are specifically designed to create and restore the skins supportive scaffold by stimulating collagen and elastin that have been lost due to aging.

After the threads have been placed at the subdermal level of the skin, stem cells naturally begin producing new collagen, elastin and even hydrating hyaluronic acid. The rejuvenating response to the threads results in firmer, tighter, skin and improvement of fine lines, wrinkles and sagging.

In addition, aesthetic PDO threads are uniquely designed to create an immediate lifting of sagging skin. The physical lifting of the skin to the desired position lasts about six months. During this time, the threads are creating a supportive scaffold of new collagen and elastin that can last up to an additional 12 to 18 months. Some patients experience lasting improvement up to 2 years depending on age and health of skin.

While no procedure is without risk, minor swelling, bruising, tenderness can occur and occasional numbness that resolves soon after the threads are placed. Side effects are minimized by choosing a well trained experienced physician who possesses the natural talent to determine the type and length of thread and to perform proper thread placement.


Aesthetic PDO threads are quickly becoming a popular and safe option in Regenerative Aesthetics. It is now possible to obtain immediate visible results lifting the lower face in addition to lifting the neck and brow. Smooth PDO threads are employed to treat lower eye troughs and to add volume and enhance lips, The treatment is increasingly being used for body contouring on areas of the buttocks, abdomen, knees, and arms.

Combined with microneedling for skin rejuvenation and natural bio fillers to replace volume loss, aesthetic PDO threads create the added lift resulting in a more youthful, healthy, and vibrant look.