Client Testimonials

Five star review “I receive IV nutrition therapy from Paradigm Wellness Medical Group. Dr. Joe has years of nutritional experience treating athletes to maximize performance. I am an elite professional trainer and have to be at my best both physically and mentally all the time and incorporate IV nutrition into my healthy lifestyle. It improves energy and mind clarity.” — E.O.

Five star review “I have been getting Botox in their San Francisco office and she is absolutely amazing!  Her application was to my Perfection and it has been 4 months and it’s still looking fabulous!  If you live in or around San Francisco I would highly recommend her! She is a perfectionist and always follows up with her clients!  I look forward to my next visit and I’m thinking about having her apply some juvederm possibly this summer!”  — Missy P.

Five star review “I love love love the work. I had Botox and filler done and am very happy with the results. Dr. Joe is very knowledgeable in the aesthetic field and I am definitely going back. Thank you Dr. Joe.”  — Zvart D.

Five star review “I have most of my life felt I have taken good care of myself. Truly, it has been a mind, body and soul approach. Never could I imagine that there were so many more available approaches to one’s well-being. Dr. Joe Cleaver enlightened me with his state of the art approach to healthy living and I’ve only begun to reap the benefits. I’m feeling so energetic, with a rejuvenation inside and out! It is confirming to see when the Dr.’s really are walking examples of their own practice!!! Thank you Dr. Joe Cleaver!!!!”  — Kristina H.

Five star review “Have been working with Dr. Joe Cleaver for sports performance for about a year and a half! In that time, I’ve gone from a back of the pack ultra runner to winning age group awards and even a third place finish at a 200 mile race!

“I definitely recommend performance testing (lactate threshold, metabolic efficiency, VO2 max) with Dr. Joe!! He does so much more than just figures out what your numbers are! He gives very detailed, specific and training advice based on your test results! Having the results and recommendations from Dr. Joe, it was really easy to map out my training for a killer season!

“Along with testing, Dr. Joe is super helpful with performance nutrition and supplements! He addresses nutrition as a whole picture, not just race day performance! He really loves sharing his knowledge/passion for sports nutrition which is super helpful! I love that Dr. Joe addresses the big picture and everyday life as a huge part of athletic performance!

“Anyone interested in sports performance or even better general health should definitely look into Paradigm Wellness Medical! Please feel free to contact me with any questions about Paradigm!

“All Day!