Sagi Kalev, Certified Nutritionist, Professional Fitness Expert

Sagi is one of the top five celebrity trainers for Beachbody, bringing in-home fitness programs such as Body Beast to millions of people worldwide. Sagi is a Clinical Nutritionist, Certified Nutritionist Specialist, Metabolic Typing Advisor, and Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist with over 16 years of experience. He has 8 years of experience as an integrative functional medicine nutritionist and has worked with thousands of patients. His philosophy is, “Don’t guess, test” and believes in treating people not diseases. Sagi has been working closely with Dr. Cleaver for the past 5 years. Two times Mr. Israel, Sagi is an IFBB Pro and Hall of Famer, who has graced the covers of hundreds of fitness magazines, including Muscle and Fitness, Iron Man, Flex, and Men’s Workout. He also serves as the Director Examiner for the ProPTA (Professional Trainers Association), which is recognized by government and university institutions. His varied experience gives him a unique perspective and makes him a valuable asset to Paradigm Wellness Medical Group, Inc.


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