Sonoma Wellness Winery Retreat

Our Sonoma Wellness Winery Retreat is an amazing experience offered exclusively by Paradigm Wellness Medical Group. It’s where you can expect a fully-personalized regenerative medicine retreat at Dr. Joe Cleaver’s Tuscan-style winery in the heart of California’s fabled Wine Country. It is the ultimate destination for couples who want to combine wellness with romance.

Dr. Joe Cleaver serves as the host of the Sonoma Wellness Winery Retreat, and the weekend-long program serves to pamper, educate, and improve your health. Here is what you can expect from this beautiful retreat offered by Paradigm Wellness Medical Group:

Before You Go To Wine Country:

– “Dr. Joe” as many of his patients refer to him, will meet with you to discuss your health, daily activities, and lifestyle so he can create a thorough profile of your general wellness.

– He may administer some customized testing to measure your hormone levels, sleep patterns, sexual health, thyroid levels, and more.

When You Arrive In Wine Country:

– This weekend retreat is an intimate and romantic destination. Space is limited to only 6 participants at each Sonoma Wellness Winery Retreat weekend.

– You will be picked up at the airport and greeted by a limousine driver who will transport you to the Sonoma Wellness Winery Retreat. You will not have to drive a vehicle for the three days you are with us.

– Dr. Joe and his winemaker will provide lessons on winemaking, wine tasting, and wine blending.

– Your nutrition will be analyzed, and Dr. Joe will facilitate cooking lessons designed around your nutritional requirements.

– You will taste some of the finest wines and foods in the Wine Country region.

– Dr. Joe will be monitoring your health throughout the weekend retreat, creating a personalized lifestyle and regenerative medicine program that is tailored to your health needs and overall wellness.

When You Depart Our Sonoma Wellness Winery Retreat:

– You will leave feeling pampered and more relaxed after spending a weekend with a doctor who truly cares about your well-being.

– You will be armed with new information about your general health and how to improve upon it with your customized regenerative medicine program.

– Your health will continue to be monitored by Dr. Joe on an ongoing basis, with the goal of continual improvement in the areas of sexual health, sleep patterns, having balanced hormone levels, energy, memory, physical strength, and more.

This exclusive Sonoma Wellness Winery Retreat is nothing you have seen offered by a physician, but everything you would ever want from one. Nowhere else but at our Wine Country destination will you find this level of personalized medical care and attention.

Dr. Joe Cleaver, founder of Paradigm Wellness Medical Group in Dallas, TX is passionate about helping his patients achieve a healthy lifestyle and optimize wellness through fitness, nutrition, and education. Contact us for a consultation and let us explore together how we can help you look and feel your best naturally.