Lifestyle Medicine is Regenerative Medicine

Currently, regenerative medicine emphasizes the importance and utilization of stem cells. By optimizing stem cells, we can slow down the aging process. At Paradigm Wellness, our regenerative medicine emphasizes the optimization of stem cells. However, our lifestyle medicine, or changes and improvements in our lifestyle, are able to naturally utilize our stem cells and work as a regenerative medicine. In other words, Paradigm Wellness Medical Group’s lifestyle medicine doubles as regenerative medicine.

Our lifestyle, or our sleep cycle, eating habits, the many levels of physical activity, and our peace of mind, has a powerful influence on many aspects of our life, including our body’s production of stem cells, along with the speed and strength of aging. We, at Paradigm Wellness Medical Group, believe a few, simple, but influential changes in our lifestyle can increase the optimization of stem cells.

With proper exercise and control of our intake of glucose, you can enhance your stem cells, which in turn, can slow down the anti-aging process. We can advance our stem cells with Resveratrol, if we eat certain foods, such as blueberries and green tea, along with foods rich in Vitamin D. The DHA in omega 3 fish oil also promotes stem cells.

Lifestyle medicine is regenerative medicine. At Paradigm Wellness Medical Group, we will develop lifestyle medicine personalized to your individual needs, desires, and goals. Lifestyle optimization is the key to promotion of stem cells, which will result in slowing down and weakening signs of aging. We will improve your appearance and health naturally. Our offices are in Sonoma, Santa Rosa, San Francisco, and Dallas. Contact us today for a consultation.

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